🧠🍹 Brain Juice 🧠🍹

What The Fuck is This Shit, Julian?

I shall now preform internet necromancy; the veil of inactivity has been lifted and my site rises once more from the bits and bytes like a digital phoenix that enjoys eating my brain juice.
- A wise man

This is the first part/prologue of a series of writing I'm going to be doing here that I like to call brain juice. I roughly explained it in a message on my neocities page a few days ago; this will be a form of commentary on society, technology, the internet, climate change, politics, and whatever else may be tickling my the lobes in my noggin at the moment. I'm hoping I will stay mostly coherent and not veer off course into making random uninformed conclusions or talking out of my ass about things I don't know enough about so assuming all goes well this will be a series for me to share some of my thoughts on current events and phenomena, especially when I'm feeling particularly upset with the world and my inability to create any kind of large change as an individual.