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Top o' the mornin' to ya!
For now this page will mostly have only my poems, but I'm working on some essay-type things and maybe some worldbuilding, so when I have more to show in that area, I'll make it available here too.

Extra Writings

Here's some non-poem writings (only really one so far):

an intro to neural networks

brain juice - commentary series


"Empty Playgrounds"
The border is torn through like the teeth of a vicious beast in the flesh of a helpless animal
You have to take a step back and regroup
And because for the sake of your feet you need to make way for tank treads
Debris in the streets like pleats in the stained sheets this mad city became as tyrants chop off your heads
A nation searches the bottom of a bottle for answers, answered by a refill with a cocktail
Darker than death for indulging in broken windows, burnt bridges, and bullet-filled children
Is a more satisfying meal for the beast as its muzzle sweeps the plains
And you scream from the building as fear courses through your veins
Hope replaced by despair because the king's horses and the king's men couldn't put society together again
Before you know the beast's there and the thought crosses your mind of a head falling to the side of a playfield for unfair matches
That burn down a house and soon you may find
That there's more just like you who hope for a change
And make the playfield's walls crumble
Because for now no one plays in the park
And for now no one complains about the stark contrast
As on a cold, cold day
The city center fills up and people stand in lines and wait for their turn
People stretch their arms and lay prints in the mud and the sky breaks open and the sun shines down
And your neck is seared red and our mothers cry but it doesn't matter, we're making history now and your anger makes you shed blood
Be it your own or another's
It's not a good solution, it's not enough but it's all you have or you can stand on the side and wait
Until the park is full again

Abyssal expanse that drops of deep
With specks that prick your hands
Lest you get too close
And arching fields
Split open like shells
By pools mountain deep
That teem, fill, swimm with
Homes for no one
This is
What being weightless must be like
An endless feeling, beyond our ken
With stretching arms you lurch forward
Into those deep, black pools
Of space and time and where they collide
I tell a story I imagine like the sky
Painting streaks across my eyes

Iron mountains that break through
And stretch above the sandy plains
Death runs free
Through the valley with no name
Like a horse of bones with wings
That run like rudders through ionizing air...
A sky that screams in scintilating science
As sand fills eyes and stirs up the earth
A final glimpse of this ground we walk
Until we fall and mix with
Salt, blood
And scorching heat
And I drift with my head still up
Like the sand in dwindling oxygen and more
And it becomes oxide adjoined with me

2B: "Arkhe"
This is your first taste
Of the dirt and blood that follows
You lie like supper for vultures
Basking in the sun on a feral ridge
While trackers perch on ridges nearby
You feel their gaze
Like hot breath on your neck
Watching closely, waiting
To throw you into death
Chasms tear open the terrain
One false step
And adrenaline pulls you to death
And you rush past the vines
Green spindly fingers
They won’t help you, they snap!
Sun-baked and brittle
A little less hope as your fingers are whittles
Belittled, you fall to the ground and watch
Water lap around your hand and loss
Escapes from your lips with one puff of
Cold air
Reaching the nostrils of those who did dare
As they clutch a bow with a bandaged hand
The arrow pushes one last breath
This is your second taste

2B: "The Road" (Pantoum)
Once you've made it out
You stick to the roads that
Were carved out by hundreds before you
The size of which you cannot fathom

You stick to the roads that
Traverse great abysses
The size of which you cannot fathom
Shattered by hydras of times before

Traverse great abysses
Travel past ruins of civilization
Shattered by hydras of times before
Only to reappear in nevermore, when you

Travel past ruins of civilization
Once you've made it out
Only to reappear in nevermore, when you
Were carved by hundreds before you