🖼 Visual Art and other Content to be Consumed With the Eyes 🖼


How now, brown cow?
This page will serve as an archive of the visual art and stuff I've done. Enjoy!


Some of the stuff I've done in blender!

One of the first things I made in blender, following this tutorial. It definitely did not take me 5 minutes.

"Traverse" - Based off of Tomomi Sakuba's work CAVE. Really love a lot of his art, especially Garage.

The first thing I made in blender, following this tutorial. Definitely recommend this for anyone looking to start out with blender, as it takes you through basic lighting and volumetric shading, and displacement and is very easy to make with nice results.

Honestly don't remember how I made this. I think I just copied someone's node setup for a volumetric cube shader from yt and then changed some settings and colors and now it looks a bit like some kind of lit up gas cloud or...?


Someone remind me to find or take some pics of the 3 or so paintings I've done forever ago. They're not good but I want to have them up here. Thanks!

Photography and Edits

I take pictures sometimes. Should I put my camera settings for each one like a professional? I don't think anyone cares but if you do, let me know.

This is a databent picture that is currently serving as my bandcamp background, though I'm planning on changing it.

Wanted to make a brain-melting collage of random stuff I found on google earth so here's that.

Databending woo

More databending wooooooo