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Ciao ragazzi!
This page will serve as a discography of my music but really you can find all this on my bandcamp page and more since I'm just putting my albums here for now. In the future I plan to have visualizers or some kind of interactive art for each album here, but for now it's kind of empty.


This is my most experimental album by far. I've been fascinated by numbers stations for a while and made an album about them and some other stuff that fits the theme.

My first proper album, about the passage of time and different feelings about being in the moment or nostalgia or other emotions related to time. I think when I made this I thought I was being very deep and introspective. Whatever it sounds pretty nice. It has more pieces than just the one here but for some reason it doesn't want to show those.

An album I made with my best friend Eric. We basically just went nuts with improvisation and experimentation and it resulted in this.

Another one with Eric, except unlike the last one we made this one over discord. We limited ourselves to 10 hours and completed it in... 6? I think? It was made again to experiment and improvise and as an "outro" to the chaos of 2020.

Eric's and my most recent album, this was crazy fun to make. He came to visit in July and we just cranked this thing out in under a week. It contains a lot of satirical humor and references to our wiki project and was really just a fun and loose project to do.


Right now I'm having to balance music making and my final year of school which is everything but easy. I'm working on a relatively big album with a sci-fi theme, which will most likely be quite different from my previous stuff, but still ambient.