Le Blög

Jan 8 2023
Happy new year folks! I don't use this blog thingy often but I figured I'd do a quick update here. As I've said, I got a job and so I've been pretty busy with that but on the side I'm making good progress on the album I've been working on for over a year now and I'm super hyped for it to be finished, I think it'll be really good :). I'd like to update here more but 1. This is an art blog so when the only art I'm really working on is an album, theres not much I can really put out, though I am planning to send out a single or two before the album's release sooo stay tuned for that (not too tuned though, it could take at least a few more months) and 2. Like I said I have a lot on my plate but I will try to get back to you all soon and I hope you're all doing well! Stay safe out there.

Apr 18 2022
I've started increasing my workload on my new album and planning things out more (despite having school finals on my doorstep)! It's gonna be a wonderful album that I think I might actually be really proud of for once (if I do finish it). I'm starting to realize it may take me a looooong time to finish but I honestly don't care because I'm having fun :) (though I do wanna get it out to the 5 people who will listen to it... (thanks Klara, my dad, Eric, some dude from France named Guillaume, and some random people from the internet! You're the real ones.))

Mar 28 2022
Hello guys I'm extremely tired despite inhaling two cups of black tea and I want to work on the site or do something but I'm very tired. I seem to have that often: I have so much creative energy but am also too tired to do anything. Anyways I just wanted to say that. Might work on some stuff in a bit but yeah if you've ever felt like this, you're not alone.

Mar 22 2022 (Part 2)
Still waiting for my one week comment/post limit to be over but until then, I can keep working on my site! I'm planning on maybe splitting up the sections of my site into subsections. So instead of having blender, photography, etc. all on one page, the "Visual" section will split into different pages with each thing on them. Also I might use "random bullshit" for shrines to stuff I like, we'll see... Finally, I'd like to mention that I'm thinking about adding a page that explains neural networks and AI in a way that actually makes sense because I think a lot of sites and pages are really confusing and unclear to laypeople.

Mar 22 2022
Finally the site is just about ready, still have some stuff to chisel, sand, and polish, but for now it's ready. If you're coming by here, welcome welcome and thanks so much for stopping by! Now leave /s. Nah I'm kidding you're cool feel free to stay as long as you like, it feeds my tiny ego!