🖌 (Incomplete) List of All the Stupid Projects I've Done 🖌

The List

This page will serve as a list of every project I've started and whether I have or haven't finished it (usually the latter) and some additional notes. I guess I'm making this to have a full index for myself so I can also go back on older projects and so that other people can have something to laugh about and maybe relate to.

Project Started/Finished (or Abandoned) Finished? Additional comments
Space exploration board game Mid 2019/Late 2019 No The plan here was simply a game with a randomly generating board (tiles are placed randomly like in carcasonne) and the freedom to explore a galaxy
Space exploration card-based board game 2021/2021 No This was a different approach to the other space exploration game, but I spent too much time designing the artwork and got bored of it
Music board game Early 2021/Late 2021 No Spent forever trying to make a realistic but still simple and fun game about leading a band and releasing albums but eventually noticed that the game was becoming an almost exact copy I was basing some of the mechanics off of, namely Statecraft (awesome game btw)
Sci-fi novella Mid 2020/Late 2020 Yes! Worked on this with Eric for a few months. It started as a worldbuilding project where we made a very detailed solar system with aliens. Then we created a book detailing the history of the universe and the conflicts with religion and drug use in the solar system which eventually led to its downfall and destruction, all explained through newspaper clippings, transcripts, expense reports, and more. Read it here.
Animy 2012-2015 Kinda..? This was a comic book series I started in a notebook in 3rd grade. It was basically the story of two teens who tried to escape a war-torn, post-apocalyptic earth by building a spaceship out of spare parts from the junkyard. They then flew to a galaxy 9000,000,000,000,000 (sic) lightyears away. It started with a (chaotic) plot but soon just became a mess of me including whatever interested me or whatever I experienced including videos I saw on youtube, dreams I had, trips I went on, jokes with my friends, inside jokes with myself, and basically anything else I could think of. I think the series left off on the 4th edition and entirely filled the blue composition notebook I started it in. Maybe someday I'll post it somewhere for shits and giggles!
Atsuen Inu Tokyo Early 2022 Put on hold Probz shouldn't exactly be posting about this on here but I highly doubt anyone will try to steal it. Atsuen Inu Tokyo (圧延 犬 東京) was a game I worked on for a bit (with basically no C# or Unity experience so I think you can guess how that went) in which you play as a skateboardning shiba inu who reaks havoc in his city of Tokyo. It was supposed to have pretty pastel graphics and responsive ambient music. One day I'll make it... hopefully. But if someone is into the idea and/or has some experience with game design pls let me know because I'd be very down!

To be continued!