🖸 (Incomplete) List of Music I've Listened to 🖸

The List

Mhmmmmmmmmmthis is a list of different albums I've listened to and some of my thoughts on them. I might start adding a rating system (out of 10 or something) but then I also don't really want this to be a review page, just kind of a list of albums people can use as recommendations or, if your're like me, to affirm your personal music taste because of insecurity :D

To be continued!

Album Thoughts Rating Additional comments
Lilien Rosarian - a day in bel bruit This album gives you such a good image of this abandoned village with a repurposed bell tower as a radio antenna. The collage of tape loops and found sound create these beautiful textures. It's really a joy to listen to! - Favorite track: the marketplace
Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp a Butterfly What an album. It's just such a trip to listen to it. The topics talked about are so important and Kendrick does it in such a fascinating way and with such lyricism and impeccable production that it's just uncomparable to anything else. Additionally, the collaborations he has with many incredible musicians (Terrace Martin, Thundercat, FlyLo, Bilal, Anna Wise, George Clinton, Pharrell Williams, and so many more) make it feel just so large in a way and it gives you this feeling of a big group or a big band working together on this and really gives you the feeling that, despite the often difficult and not-so-happy themes, the musicians really had a blast making it. Truly one of the best albums I've ever listened to. - Hard to choose a favorite... but i, For Sale?, Alright, Wesley's Theory, These Walls, and Momma are some of my favorites.
Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother Woooowee. This is definitely a really underrated or at least overlooked Pink Floyd album, in my opinion. I've heard people say it's way too experimental and weird but honestly just because it's so far from what Pink Floyd had done before doesn't mean it's bad. "Atom Heart Mother Suite" is such a blast to listen to. The theme is super catchy and it really just makes you feel like a giant somehow. No idea if that makes sense but what I mean is that it just sounds so big and triumphant. Fee fi fo fum dude. "Fat Old Sun" was never my favorite of these tracks but I do like "Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast" very much (great to accompany making breakfast or having tea early in the morning) and "If" is also like a nice little (very sad) lullaby. - -
American Football - American Football Such a pretty album. Layers of soft math rock guitar riffs, soft vocals, occasional horn melodies. All of these combine to make a beautiful, melancholy, remiscent album. One of those albums you can really just lie in bed to and let the sound roll over you like waves of warm water. - Favorite tracks: Never Meant, The Summer Ends, Honestly, For Sure, Stay Home
The Avalanches - Since I Left You I've seen a lot of clever sampling work. But The Avalanches have it going on. The absolute amount of (often unusual) samples on this album and the way they're reworked into these dreamy, surreal pieces is so cool. - Favorite tracks: Since I Left You, Stay Another Season, A Different Feeeling, Tonight May Have to Last Me All My Life (also check out the MF DOOM remix on the deluxe version of the album!)
Peter Cat Recording Co. - Bismillah I discovered this one through spotify's recommendations. It's hard to describe Peter Cat's style; psychedelic/indie/altrock/jam band/ambient sometimes, whatever you call it, this is such a cool album. It has this very relaxed sound with crisp E-Guitar and some really nice vocals and makes me think of barbecuing some vegetarian kebabs in a suburbian backyard while my neighbor mows the lawn. Sometimes the lyrics definitely caught me off guard ("this is how it ends/no money/no friends/and I just got a hard on") but in a good way, definitely not the usual shit about love and heartbreak you hear. As it's only their second album, I'm really anticipating their next release! - Favorite tracks: Where the Money Flows, Vishnu <3, Shit I'm Dreaming
DOMi & JD BECK - NOT TiGHT Just such a wonderful album. It somehow feels small and condensed in some ways when in reality it reall packs a punch. Two highly talented musicians and it's only their first album. My god what will the little jazz rascals come up with next. Anyways as far as jazz goes, so far I'd only listened to cool jazz, bebop, free jazz, etc. so for my first real experience with "new jazz" from the fusion era, this was reall special. DOMi and JD just have this really chill style and often bridge the seldom bridged but small gap between jazz and hiphop in really colorful (this adjective makes sense in my head) and creative ways. - Favorite tracks: LOUNA'S iNTRO, WHATUP, NOT TiGHT, TAKE A CHANCE, PiLOT, THANK U