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About Me

Hi! As I've said on the homepage, my name is Julian and I'm an artist... I guess. I always feel vain when I call myself an artist or a poet or a musician or anything. This about page is not off to a good start, so I'll just skip over this.

I love to compose music, mostly ambient music because it's just so flexible. You can have it very complex or very simple and if you do make it complex you can make it sonically and accoustically complex or harmonically and rhythmically complex. There's just a lot of possiblities and I've always found that when I do make art, be it painting, writing, or in this case composing, I've always found it very enjoyable to encapsulate scenes or emotions, which I find is quite easy to do with ambient music. Sadly, I often don't have the time for it because of either school or just plain procrastination (probably more the latter).

I think I started with all these art projects and things when I made stop motion movies with my legos as a kid. I might upload those somewhere someday, but they're really not much to look at, though I did pick up a lot of tricks and felt like an absolute Orson Wells with plastic bricks. I started making music circa 2017 (?) and as so many 13 year olds probably did, I tried to make lofi beats because I thought they were sO cOoL (also cuz I was a huge nerd). But then about a year later after working on a semi-ambient music project with my friend Eric (who I collaborate with on the wiki and many other projects, more below) I wanted to make "soundscapes" and without knowing it was called ambient music I threw together some synth pads in ableton lite, drenched in in reverb, and posted it to soundcloud. Eventually I thankfully deleted all my lofi beats and rebranded myself and soon after, I moved from my native Georgia in the US to Europe and that's where I am today.

Aside from art and stuff, I love (spending time with) my girlfriend, coding and partaking in various types of technology hijinkery (I code python with a focus on neural networks and batch and am learning some C# and of course HTML and CSS). Music is my big big passion of course, so below you can find a list of my (current) favorite artists and albums you can use as kindling in a fire to roast me over :D.. Additionally, I'm working on a surreal worldbuilding/writing project with my friend Eric called "Eric and Julian's Guide to the Astral Realm", which I may sometimes refer to here as "the wiki".
Currently (very slowly) working on a list of all projects I've done/am working on, so if you'd like to look at that and laugh at me, go here.

Favorite Albums and Artists (at the moment)

  • Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp a Butterfly
  • Lilien Rosarian - a day in bel bruit
  • J Dilla - Donuts
  • Balla Et Ses Balladins - Objectif Perfection
  • Madvillain - Madvillainy
  • Mort Garson - Plantasia
  • John Coltrane - Giant Steps
  • Pink Floyd - Atom Heart Mother
  • C418 - Sweden
  • American Football - American Football
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